Knows about Antibacterial Flooring.

antibacterial flooring

We have noticed that people are more concerned toward their living habits and always on the lookout for new ways to keep their home safe from harmful chemicals and bacteria. One thing needs to change is slippery flooring. You should make a choice of anti-slippery flooring. The grease, moisture, dust, too much floor polish, soap residue, chemicals for cleaning or polishing not with your floor type are the reasons behind this slippery condition. When you need to have the flooring free from bacteria or antibacterial flooring, know the benefits of these flooring in order to prevent all these health hazards. 

Types of flooring

There are three types of flooring with antibacterial properties. 

Antibacterial rubber flooring – Rubber flooring is full of benefits when installing at home but one benefit which is important, and many people are not aware of or you never heard about the feature is antibacterial rubber flooring. This type of flooring installs especially in the kitchen because they inhibit the growth of microorganisms like mold, fungi, and other bacteria. 

Antibacterial floor mat – Antibacterial Floor Mats are commercial-grade mats that trap dirt and debris. These floor mats were constructed with Aegis Micro Guard Technology. These antibacterial floor mats provide for maximum durability, longevity, resistance to grease and oils due to 100% rubber backing and borders with resistance to mat movement.

Antibacterial flooring for hospitals – it has the tendency to bear high traffic with perfect antibacterial composition especially OPD areas and surgical room flooring. This flooring offers finishes ranging from ultra matt to super high gloss which basically depends on the interiors of the hospital and color schemes. It is quite easy to maintain antibacterial flooring because of its smooth surface and wipe clean technology which negates the possibility of dust getting stuck in the textures and the use of industrial cleaners 

These types of antibacterial flooring are a great added safety feature in your flooring, but it does not mean that regular maintenance is not important. You should sweep regularly and periodically clean more thoroughly using proper materials.



  • Cork – Cork consists of the best hygienic and antibacterial properties which repel small things that are harmful both for you and your floors. For instance, insects, bacteria, microbes and other germs. This flooring also contains a wax-like surface called suberin. Naturally it is antimicrobial and loved by the people
  • Ceramic Tile – If people want water resistance and moisture with antibacterial properties for bathroom, ceramic tiles are considered a durable type and a popular choice in antibacterial flooring. The hard surface of this tile resists the moisture and also keeps bacteria and other harmful substances from penetrating your floor.
  • Protective Coating – If you have installed the flooring like luxury vinyl and concrete floors which you love but also want antibacterial flooring properties over. You will have a way to get the best benefits of an antimicrobial and antibacterial flooring. Thanks to a range of protective coatings that have come to popularity with the effort of manufacturers. These coatings are especially popular in the food industry and in your home kitchen.

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