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Vinyl Floor Tiles are being used very keenly in Dubai and other areas, but they were invented in the 1930s, in the years following World War II. By the 1950s, it was a significant contender against other strong alternatives and had outperformed every other flooring type as it is the best to remain safe from moisture and water seepage with minimal effort, it used at places, for example, restrooms and kitchens.

Vinyl Floor Tiles are available in assortment of alluring attributes continues to make this flexible flooring material a well known alternative right up till the present time and low cost. Be that as it may, there are likewise various downsides to using this material in your home.

Advantages of using Vinyl Floor Tiles

Low Maintenance

Vinyl Floor Tiles are moderately simple to think about. You just need to ensure that the soil and floor are kept even and cleared to maintain the outside of the floor. At that point, you can utilize a sodden mop and an endorsed vinyl floor cleaner to remove any kind of stains.

Water opposition

A well-installed vinyl floor is practically impenetrable to water entrance, making this the ideal material for use in a restroom, kitchen, pantry, or other areas with high dampness or moisture.

It won’t get cold in winters

Vinyl doesn’t get cold in the winter and is commonly milder underneath your feet than wood or fired tile floors. Accordingly, some vinyl tiles have a cushioned layer beneath them that can make walking on these floors much increasingly comfortable.


At the low range, vinyl tiles can cost as low as fifty pennies for each square foot, and most never surpass moderate cost levels. High-end premium vinyl materials can cost as much as ten dollars for each square foot. However, this is still more affordable than premium flooring decisions, for example, stone. The distinction in cost of versatile vinyl items is determined by the nature of the material and the plan choices found in the surface.

Stain opposition

Printed vinyl tiles and sheets have an unmistakable wear layer that goes about as a surface hindrance, protecting the floor from stains and spills. These materials are exceptionally simple to clean and maintain.

Simplicity of Installation

Vinyl tiles and vinyl board flooring are generally simple to install, however, you do need to guarantee that you have a dry, level subfloor. It is conceivable to do this task yourself. However, you might need to have an expert set up the subfloor for you.

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